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In SSI world, the most important step for a dive professional is to come to a level to teach new divers.  – SSI Open Water Instructor.

The mission of an Open Water Instructor is to teach the new divers with necessary skills and inspire them to become passionate divers. During Instructor Training Course (ITC) you will learn more about the dive industry and retail sector, broaden your teacing abilities, increase your professional presentation and sales skills with modern workshops and practical applications.

SSI Instructor Training is the only contemporary program. To become competitive in today’s dive industry, this programme is continuously updated. A dive professional must be up-to-date. A newly certified SSI Open Water Instructor will have the necessary knowledge and skills to create a successful working environment.


After the Assitant Instructor level you may enroll to Instructor Training Course. Those who complete this will enter the Instructor Evaluation exam. Those who pass will be certified as Open Water Instructors and will be able to teach programmes like Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer and more!


As an Open Water Instructor you can teach more specialties. By joining the Specialty Instructor Seminars, or by co-teaching with a Specialty Instructor, you can gain your level. If you already have a Traing Specialist level this will be automatically upgraded to Specialty Instructor level.


When you get 4 specialty instructor and certify 15 specialties the system will automatically reward you as AOWI. At this level, you are also authorised to give Snorkel Instructor level.


As an Advanced Open Water Instructor when you get the Science of Diving Specailty Instructor level, you will become a Divemaster Instructor! This is an important level of your carreer. You can now start teaching dive professional programmes like Dive Guide, Science of Diving and Divemaster.


You get your certification by joining a seminar.  now you can teach Assistant Instructors and assist Instructor Trainers in ITCs. By getting the update from the SSI Service Center you can also orginize xOver programmes.

Assistant Instructor Trainer

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