SSI Instructor Training Course – Bodrum 2020

16 – 26 MAY 2020

SSI Open Water Instructor level is one of the most prestigious instructor levels in the world. With online training materials in more than 33 languages, you will be able to give entry level diver training with safety and comfort as top priority. You can also have the chance to find jobs all around the world with SSI Open Water Instructor level and transfer your knowledge and experience to beginners.

To become an SSI Open Water Instructor, you need to attend to any Instructor Training Course-ITC opened by and SSI Instructor Trainer in a qualified SSI Training Center. Reserve your place at once in the 2020 Instructor Training Course organised in Bodrum, Turkey.

Within this programme you will get the following levels.:

  1. SSI Assistant Instructor (formerly DCSI)
  2. SSI Open Water Instructor
  3. SSI Stress & Rescue Specialty Instructor
  4. SSI Nitrox %40 Specialty Instructor
  5. SSI Perfect Bouyancy Specialty Instructor

Additionally, React Right CPR and first aid instructor training course is optional during this ITC.

To enroll to this ITC you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Must be in Ankara during given dates.
  2. Must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Must bring a health statement from a phsycian that you are healty to dive and teach underwater. This statement report is designed by SSI and can be downloaded in this page.
  4. At lease 100 logged dives..
  5. Must hold a dive leader certificate from any dive training system. Examples are SSI Divemaster, TSSF-CMAS 3*, PADI Divemaster or equivalent.
  6. Must hold a CPR, first aid and O2 administration certificate from any organisation (i.e. SSI React Right or PADI EFRi etc.)
  7. To have own dive equipment (SSI Equipment Service Program must be applied and all equipment should be tagged.)
  8. Must complete to read the online training kit and revision questions at the end of the chapters before coming for the practical trainings.

After completing ITC, candidates must enter to Instructor Evaluation exam which will be in Bodrum. These exams will be conducted by IC – Instructor Certifiers appointed by local SSI Cervice Center. IE consists of theoretical and practical written and oral exams, teaching, pool and open water sessions. After all evaluations candidates who succeed all exams will be qualified as instructors. Written exam passing grade is at least 90%. Those who fail this IE are allowed to attend as many IEs as possible (paid extra) and they do not have to attend ITC again.

IE dates will be set by SSI Service Center and will be confirmed later. It is planned to be in Bodrum on 30-31th of May 2020 or in another place and time as well. Candidates are allowed to join any of them.



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