Peter Diving

Here is a whole new look to diving!

Peter Diving is the easiest, most fun and safest way to start diving. Without carrying all that scuba equipment, you can still enjoy and discover the weightless experience and marvels of the underwater world. After a short briefing you can directly jump into the turquise and crystal clear waters of Bodrum and enjoy your adventure.

Peter is for everyone! If you are 8 yrs or older, can swim and healty enough to do so, then you can dive with Peter. You can only dive to max 6 m. with Peter.

See the images and videos and learn more about Peter diving. Our dive center is both a Peter Point and a point of sale in Bodrum.

Peter aynı zamanda tekne sahiplerinin gerekli durumlarda tekne altına bakım, müdahale ve temizlik amaçlı dalış yapmalarını sağlamak amacıyla da kullanılmaktadır.

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