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Are you ready for a more exited adventure with Happy Bubbles?

Are you ready for the ultimate way to explore underwater? Start freediving and experience the ocean in an exciting new way as you explore pristine dive sites on a single breath. With no heavy equipment, you will move underwater with ease and find a complete sense of becoming one with the ocean. Learning to freedive is much easier than you think with our range of recreational freediving programs for all ages.

Learn how to snorkel with the SSI Snorkel Diver program! You’ll learn all you need to go snorkeling and discover the wonders of the ocean! Most people enjoy this course so much, they enroll in a dive training program afterwards.

Next, experience the ultimate feelings of freedom and excitement with the SSI Try Freediving program. It’s easier than you think to learn the basics of freediving. This program introduces you to the fundamental concepts and skills freedivers use. You’ll get to try freediving in confined water with an SSI Professional and earn your SSI Try Freediving recognition card.

Freediving is the most incredible journey of your life and it begins here! Become a certified freediver and you will discover the freedom and tranquility that keep freedivers returning to the water time and again. Start your SSI Basic Freediving certification today!

If you feel like, freediving is more than just an adventure and a lifestyle choice and the most wonderful journey of your life, maybe it’s time to consider a more thorough training:

The SSI Freediving Level 1 certification program gives you all the training and knowledge you need to safely freedive with a buddy in open water environments to a depth of 20 meters. Learn how to freedive with SSI and you’ll be able to explore freediving destinations around the world.


Take holding your breath to the next level with the SSI Training Techniques Specialty. This freediving course teaches you special breath-holding exercises that can be done both at home and in the water.
In this Training Techniques course, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses, and create a personalized training plan to better your freediving performance.

Expand your freediving training to be calmer and more confident while diving deeper. Achieve extended dive times with improved relaxation in the SSI Free Immersion Freediving course. Free Immersion freediving teaches you how to use your arms efficiently to dive up and down a line, giving you the chance to master your equalization skills.

  For further levels of freediving training, please contact us.

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